Friday, January 17, 2003

Boy oh Boy, time flies! Well, Christmas came and went with little fanfare but lots of time in prayer and review of the path I've been traveling. Well, I realized that it was time for some course corrections. I wasn't sure what those should be so it was good that I had time to spend in prayer and fasting and seeking God and His wisdom. I put the house up for sale early January and within a week, it was under contract. We go to closing on the 31st and then I head down to North Carolina to begin a new season of my life. It's time to finally put my desire for voluntary simplicity and a more creative lifestyle into motion. I believe with all my heart that God is leading me along this path. I have dreamed for many years of living more simply, to really DO creative acts rather than dream about it, and walking humbly with God. With the way the world is going, time is short. Time is too precious to waste dreaming about what we wish we could do while living a life we don't enjoy grabbing for the brass ring. What is more important: building a retirement account and an asset ledger or making the most of every day do that which God uniquely designed us to do?

I've tended to run from the "creative" in me. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of looking like a fool. Fear of disappointing people I care about. It has been so easy to fill up my life with stuff so that I could stuff my desire to create deep down inside in a dark dark corner. But, it was always there. A quiet moaning of the soul being deprived of its sustainance. No amount of "noise" could drown it out. So, it's time. Time to bring her out of the corner and feed her malnourished spirit and let her sit in the sun. Then, we can see what she can teach us.