Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Boy, it's been a bit since my last entry. Sorry about that. I've been having such a time with my feet....hurts so bad, especially to walk. My favorite beardie died during the night last night. I believe Harley was impacted; but, I don't know that for certain. Anyway, it has me rather blue.

On the lighter side, I've finished spinning the Jacob. Plying it was difficult as it kept breaking. I suspect I let it get too thin in places. Because of the poor quality of the final product, I've decided to use it to knit and felt a hat for myself. I also thought that I might do some embroidery on it. We'll see how it goes with the felting.

I'm having a blast with the SCA group. Attended a beading 101 class this past Sunday. I'll be heading off to "University" this weekend to learn natural dyeing, embroidery, etc.

Work sucks so I won't talk about it!