Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Hello, thanks for returning!

On the FHG front, nothing much is new. I have a new reptarium on its way from BigAppleHerp. When it arrives, the dragon cages will be relocated from the living room to the Studio. The plateds' cage will remain in the living room as it is just too heavy to be carrying upstairs (it's a naturalistic vivarium in a 60 gallon tank). Everyone is fat and lazy...par for the course in lizardland.

As for playing with fiber: I didn't get any time to play last night. I had guys from church come over and pick up some extra sheets of tongue-in-groove plywood I had and that meant moving furniture to give them a clear path. Also, that meant two MALE HUMANS in the house which always upsets Libby. I'll do some spinning of the Jacob roving tonight. I love the way it looks once it is plied. I also want to buy some sport weight yarn so I can start learning to knit socks. Everyone talks about how much fun they have knitting socks. ummm....we'll see. I can't wait until my studio is put together so that I can start sewing and doing some fabric collage. I read a book at the library a few weeks ago that really inspired me to try the fabric collage. I want to do some vests and tunics and dusters...perhaps even a coat. I'll start small and work up.

Anyway, that's the latest news.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Hello and welcome to my blog!

FHG Sanctuary is the non-profit entity I created to refer to the rescue of pet reptiles, small mammals, birds, and dogs that I do. I hope to eventually become an official 501(c)3. My main focus at the moment is the rescue of reptiles -- bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) and Yellow-Thoated Plated Lizards (Gerroshaursas flavigularis) but I've also taken in a leopard gecko (which was rehomed) and zebra finches. I have two dogs that I adopted from shelters. Since I am limited on space, I do not take in other dogs at this time. Some day, FHG will move to a small farm and the rescue efforts will greatly expand.

I've been a "Creative" all my life. Drawing, painting, and any and all fiber arts that I could get my hands on. Recently, I've become very involved in learning to spin wool and other fibers and want to try my hand at felting and fiber/fabric collage. I still paint the occasional watercolor but I really enjoy the tactile experience of working with fibers.

What else can I tell you about myself? Oh! Let me share this poem I wrote about a very signifigant aspect of my life:

The witches under the bed

And the screams of my mother

Made the nights a time of terror

As a child, my name was Fearful.

The sound of my father’s anger

The sound of my mother’s screams

The hands of my uncle who touches

Me in places he should not

As a teen, my name was Afraid.

The words of my father’s hate echoing

The feel of his fist on my face

The lose of all emotion other than hate

And hate’s companions – fear and panic

As an adult, my name became Much Afraid. .

Mistrust, panic, nowhere to turn

Darkness even on the sunniest of days

Then into that darkness came

A bright light of hope and peace and love

The gentle hand of a loving Father

My new name is written on a precious stone

Held in the hands of my Savior.

Someday I will hear Him call me by that name

Until that day I have found a treasure in my surname

“Pax” is latin for Peace

“ton” means “those from the town of”

“Paxton” means “those from the town of Peace”

I am the child of the Prince of Peace

And I will dwell in His town forever.